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A small law firm off the US 60 and Mesa Dr. that handles Family Law, Estate Planning, Probate, and much more.

Golston & Martin is committed to providing the best service to its clients

Golston & Martin

A law firm that combines experience with personal attention

Practice Areas

Divorce, paternity, child support, custody (legal decision-making) – establishment, enforcement, and modification.

Family Law

Agreeing to settle a matter with professional help through a series of meetings without going to trial.

Collaborative Divorce

Will, trust, power of attorney, living will-healthcare directive.

Estate Planning

You can purchase from a family law attorney the full legal representation or just the legal service you need and no more.  

Unbundled Services

Administering an estate after death.


This preparation will equip you with knowledge so you can negotiate a fair and reasonable outcome at mediation.

Mediation Preparation


Things Happen.


“Can’t say enough about Leanne Martin with Golston & Martin, PLLC! . . .  Honestly do not know what we would of done without her! The staff is also super friendly and professional. It is hard to find lawyers with hearts anymore and she truly, truly cared about us.”


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