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Mediation Preparation

If you have taken the big step of agreeing to divorce mediation with your spouse, you may be wondering how to prepare yourself for those meetings.  Sometimes mediation negotiations break down for lack of knowledge.  Do you know what facts are important?  Do you know how the law applies to those facts?  What would be a reasonable outcome in light of your facts and the law? How flexible or creative can you be in creating solutions?  Are you aware of what you don't know?  

It is important for you to be equipped with a good understanding so that you can intelligently discuss and negotiate your divorce.  Having a better understanding of your case can help you avoid an unfair resolution and ensure less chance of a failed settlement.  Without preparation, you may be able to reach a settlement on your own; but it may not be a good settlement.  Make the most of your time and financial investment in mediation by talking with us about your divorce before you attend your mediation sessions.  Just one meeting with us (usually about an hour) can educate you with information on the law, your issues, and various options so you can be well prepared.

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