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Unbundled Services

You can purchase from a family law attorney just the legal service or advice you
need and no more. This is a great cost-saving measure for people who want to represent themselves but need a little help.

LEGAL ADVICE-  Advice can be given if you are planning or curious about starting a legal action, if you have already been served and want to know your rights or what to do next, and/or for hearing preparation so you know what is required for a trial (such as pleadings to be filed, exhibits to submit, or how to present your testimony).

MEDIATION COACHING-  If you and the other party want to try mediation but you need more information about the law and expected outcomes so you can make good decisions, come in for a one time consultation.

PREPARE PLEADINGS-  If you know what you want to say but are not sure how best to say it, or you need help with legal research to supplement your writing, or you don’t have the time or desire to write it up yourself, let us do it for you.

PLEADING REVIEW-  Did you receive a legal pleading and want to make sure you understand what it means and what you should do about it? Bring it in for a review.

SECOND OPINION-   Do you have an attorney already but want to hear another attorney’s perspective?  Bring your pleadings, stories, and concerns to us and we can talk it through.

Using unbundled services will allow you to represent yourself with the court, but with a lawyer’s guidance. You can consult with an experienced lawyer who will advise you on an hourly basis and you just pay as you go. The assistance you receive will allow you to:

- Receive legal guidance about your Arizona family law matter

- Understand the legal process

- Understand your legal documents

- Prepare for hearings

Please know the limitations of unbundled services:

- You are "pro per" (representing yourself) or represented by another attorney, and are not being represented by this attorney.  You are responsible for the general management of your case, understanding the law, and following court orders and rules.  

- The attorney who is offering you unbundled services will not appear with you in court.

- The attorney will not track your case at court.  You are responsible to meet all deadlines, discovery requests, and file all appropriate pleadings.  

- The attorney will not communicate with the opposing attorney or the other party.

If you later decide that you want full legal representation, we can arrange a consultation for you to discuss your needs.

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