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Family Law

Family law deals with family relationships such as between husband and wife or between parents of a child.  There are many types of legal matters that can arise in the family law setting.  Before a marriage, some couples may want a Prenuptial Agreement.  After marriage, some couples may want to initiate or respond to an action for legal separation, annulment, or divorce.  Non-married parents can be involved in paternity or child support cases.  Both types of cases can involve establishment of orders, modification of orders, and ending of orders (such as stopping a child support wage garnishment upon a child's emancipation).  Once the decision has been made to move forward, the case can proceed a number of ways.  Settlement, collaboration or mediation are options worth exploring.  But if that does not work going to trial may be necessary to resolve your issue.  Either way, Golston & Martin can help.

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